Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Off to Kalamazoo

This is just a brief, excited, rambling post (by Mike) on completion of the various online purchasing of plane/train tickets and registering for this year's Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo...If you're going and follow this 'blog, then how about letting us know which sessions you're particularly looking forward to, and which ones you think I should attend - am poring over the schedule now, trying to work out where I want to be.

On another note, well done to everyone doing their MA (in whatever subject) on successfully handing in their papers yesterday! The air of panic in the run-up to the deadline (not helped, I know, by there being 2 papers due in at once) was both amusing and terrifying! Also, Ben and I will each be posting something constructive on the 'blog in the next coupl'a weeks: it's Ben's turn first, I believe, and he's got something on the 'Late Medieval strap-on', I believe.

yt ys rad.

Also, we have a mascot for the 'blog/group etc. now, which we came up with (believe it or not) in the pub...he is B. A. Barrabus ("I ain't gettin' on no rood, fool!") so watch this space for more of his excellent aphorisms and maybe some pictures in the near future.

I can also take this opportunity to let everyone know the dates the Postmedieval Reading Group are meeting this term:

Week 3 - Tuesday 11th May - KG/84 - 5.30pm
Week 5 - Tuesday 25th May - KG/84 - 5.30pm
Week 7 - Wednesday 9 June - KG/84 - 5.30pm
Week 9 - Wednesday 23 June - KG/84 - 5.30pm

We have some exciting things planned for this term, including a joint session with the Anglo-Norman Reading Group (date TBA) and a session run by Dan Herron (one of our colleagues on the MA in Med Lits) who'll be looking at medieval drama and contemporary sitcoms. Ben and I also want to run a session each (although together), so that leaves potentially another session to be run by someone else: if you're interested (and you should be) please email me at mp533@york.ac.uk, even if you have no idea what you'd want the group to be on, or if you want to just give a short paper and have the group respond...we'd love to have your input.

Same thing goes for the 'blog - it's definitely open for anyone who wants to post - email me at the address above, and I can either make you a contributor via blogger, or you can just send me your post and I'll upload it!

Anyway, more from one or both of us in the near future, no doubt. Until then,

Swynke, drynke, swyve.

Mike x

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